“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-
and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God”
– Ephesians 2:8

WEEKLY SERMONS – God’s Grace Series 1998, God’s Marvelous Grace Series 1991

GOD’S GRACE – PART 1 – 1030AM SERMON – January 25th, 1998

Pastor John begins this 2 part message on the Grace of God by telling a personal story of when he was a young man in Cuba working for Marguerite’s father Len and getting a lesson in the grace of God.  In the previous week leading up to this message Pastor John talked about the value system of God compared to the human value system.  He discussed why we reject people and why we don’t see people of other races or different than us of value.  We saw that God values things differently.

Even though we know Jesus will receive the prodigal and the elder son had the wrong value system the one thing missing from that message is the foundation of how God works and His heart of grace and graciousness.”

Among the many things in our Bible that is very special personally to Pastor John is this issue of God’s grace.  It is so precious that when the church began he pleaded with the first board of the church in December of 1969 to make the name of this church, Grace full Gospel Church.

Because I could only minister under God’s grace.”

According to Pastor John many Christians today don’t understand the full meaning of grace because we live in this culture that doesn’t teach the grace.  So the combination of culture, peer pressure and the Word should come together in this situation for us to fully understand the grace of God.  Grace has an expanding meaning because it is like God itself and gets bigger and bigger as we learn more about it.

Once we begin to understand and feel a little bit of the understanding of grace our whole lives begin to rest.  We stop striving, we want to believe God more, and we rejoice in what we are called to rather than being pressured and have to serve God, we find ourselves privileged and enabled to serve God by his grace.

I asked the Lord how much of this should I study, this is too big for me?  How much grace should I get in my head?  The Word that came to me was until you are gracious.  Study grace until you are gracious.  So today the first part of the message was taking a subject that takes grace to hear, and takes grace to understand.  Can you realize that God loves you and wants to pour grace upon you? Amen.”

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GOD’S GRACE PART 2 – 9AM SERMON – February 1st, 1998

Jesus says, “I am the door” and door tells us there is a barrier between God and us, but Jesus said He is the door. You don’t have to climb up the stairs to get to Jesus He put the door right on our level so that we could come right through and that is His graciousness. God does the same thing now through us to others where we can begin to give away that grace of acceptance.

Acceptance is one of those things that we give back because God has accepted us. Now that we are swimming in acceptance we have acceptance to give. Now that we are swimming in forgiveness we have forgiveness to give. On and on we grow in grace as we give away our grace.

Once you start moving graciously your grace abounds, it multiplies, it grows by tremendous multiplication.”

Grace is increased and multiplied in that way and it goes by that principle that Jesus gave his disciples; freely you have received then freely give. In part 2 of this series Pastor John will be looking at the next level of grace that he calls the “Grace to Reign.” This is grace to rule, overcome, or the grace to be a conqueror. The primary battle we face is not against the Devil it is against ourselves, our own flesh. It is bringing in our own appetites and our own things. This is why grace to reign is an important issue.

How many of you would like to have grace to reign? Where you literally were able to reign over yourself and live in Kingdom purpose.”

Pastor John asks those attending where do they take their stand on some issues. The Bible shows us where to take that stand and we are able to stand in the fight with Satan because of grace. Grace is received through faith as we believe, accept and walk in it. Grace is the gift of God that comes to us as we believe, walk in it and it becomes evident.

To finish his message Pastor John will go over the 3 key things that will cause our grace to be diminished. What are the issues in your life that cause you to not enter in to this kind of grace and cause grace to fail. Hebrews 12:15-17 gives us an insight that according to Pastor John is so important for us to know.

15 looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled; 16 lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright. 17 For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears.

In this he tells us the three issues that will cause us to be in that condition and cause the grace of God to fail. Not that it fails but we fail to receive it. The first is the root of bitterness. Roots are below the surface but they are where we draw life from. The second is sexual immorality. To us today there is no big deal with sexual immorality but God is saying immorality in your life will cause your grace to be diminished. The third one is being a profane person. A profane person is a person who holds the values of the world so highly that he will exchange them quickly exchanging his blessings for those.

So it is a very important issue that we understand; roots of bitterness, sexual immorality and profanity. They are the issues that will hinder us from grace. They are roots and I thank God that his light of his word will reveal to us. Those roots can be those unseen things that can be cleansed by the blood of Jesus by simply confessing them and bringing them to him. I don’t know about you but I need more grace. Don’t you need more grace.”

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This is the first of a three part series on God’s Marvelous Grace that was recorded in the year 1991. According to Pastor John, after we have learned to receive of God’s grace we must learn to give of his grace. These steps are important in developing the fullest potential for all that God would gift you with.

The releaser of ministry graces is to learn to freely give what you already have received.”

What have we already received? Forgiveness, justification, peace, wholeness, and healing among many things. When God gave you forgiveness he didn’t just forgive you he enabled you to forgive. But how does this happen? It happens by faith. Grace is activated when you believe.

You have been enabled by the grace of God not only to be forgiven, but to forgive. But you must believe it to activate the grace.”

God’s grace takes you and wants you and yearns for you just like you are because He wants to administer his grace to the weakness in your life and help you out of that. He doesn’t want you perfected before you come, He wants you like you are.

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In the first part of this series on God’s marvelous grace Pastor John talked about the grace of God being more than the typical understanding of the doctrine that most of us have heard. The grace of God is a very expansive subject and there are many steps and measures of grace. He talked about the initial grace of the mercy of the Lord being foundational as God through his mercy does not call us to account for our sin, but instead lays all of the penalty of mankind sin upon Jesus. His grace bestows upon them his favor, his loving kindness, and the rebuilt person.

According to Pastor John, the first level of grace is what most of us have understood in evangelical churches. We are saved by grace through faith that not of ourselves it is the gift of God.   The graciousness of God has bestowed grace upon us. Pastor John then discussed that grace is increased and the stages of grace are entered into more fully as we learn to not only receive grace at His hand, but to give graciously of that with which we have received. The secret was the step of giving what we have. If we have been forgiven then we forgive.

The issue here is to understand that the grace of God has been given to us to enable us to do that which we could not do on our own self.”

When we receive any gracious gift on God’s hands we must realize that is not only the gift that comes to us but as we receive that gift it also enables us to operate that gift. Whether it be forgiveness, justification, tolerance or patience. According to Pastor John one of the most important things we can learn about grace is the grace of giving.

There is grace that comes for situations when you believe God, when you put your faith in him there is grace that comes.”

Pastor John has learned to move in his grace. To encourage people and to exhort them to move on in God. He uses the teaching office to do that but his motivation isn’t teaching. Jesus is a great leader. Jesus is the helper. Jesus is the prophecy. He is all of these things and these are the things that are in his life and their grace is they are given to him to develop. Once you find out who you are and what you are, you begin then to find jobs and duties that will release that grace and cause you to work in power.

What I have tried to do is stir up your minds and hearts so that you’d understand that the grace of God is an ongoing constant growth place, but I see the grace of God coming like a flowing fountain and in it is the initial forgiveness, the instatement into the Kingdom.”

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GOD’S MARVELOUS GRACE PART 3 – 1045AM SERMON – March 10th, 1991

During the prior week in part 2 on this series on God’s marvelous grace Pastor John introduced to us the subject of the grace of God and how varied and multiple the various aspects of grace are. He talked about the foundation grace where it exceeds God’s mercy even though it is revealed in His mercy. God not only withholds his wrath and anger for our sins, but He provides himself as the enabler to not only take away our sin but to put in us new character, life, spirit and hope.

We have access to grace through our faith.”

There are various graces that God has given us. In the third part in this series Pastor John will be looking at another aspect of the grace of God where He takes some of his own characteristic, the drive, the personality, what makes Jesus tick and distributes that out in his body so his own character and person can be seen in in the body.

We are talking about the personality flow of Jesus being a portion of that dropped in each member of the body.”

The Bible says to take our gifts but don’t ram it down everybody’s throat, and cause it to harmonize with the vision, direction and with people around you. Make it increase in your life. Liberty with the restraint of love is grace.

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